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Fall 2018 Fall 2018 NGa Promoter: Rick Pierre
www southeastnatural com rick@onthemovefitnessfl com George Louis Jean and Mark Young who took the the time to to to score these phenomenal athletes Expeditors Annissa Rogers Miriam Jenkins and and and trophy present- ers
Kathy Abbott and and and Cristi Miranda
also deserve recognition for for their service Also thank you to David Mackey for for for for being the the Master of Ceremonies for for for this outstanding show We look forward to to host- ing ing the NGA Central Florida Fall Classic on on October 27th at at Lyman High School located in in Longwood FL and this show will will be be epic! This Halloween-themed contest includes costumes that will will will be be be judged by the the audience The stage will will be be decked out with with scary props so join the the fun with with family friends and and a a a a a lively audience and LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!!!!
A A huge congratulation goes to all the the winners and we thank you you for competing in in in the the NGA South- east Natural Championship where you you are more
than just a a a a a number We look forward to to seeing you you all next year on June 8 2019 to to defend your titles As a a a a a a a a a special note this this show will be held at at the Orlando Repertory Theatre We are looking forward to to this this being another fantastic show with $20 000 in in in prize money for all all pro competitors However to to make this happen an early commitment from all all NGA PRO competitors in in every category is is is needed because there is is a a a a a a a a a a lot of prize money at at stake! So start train- ing today and commit early To sign up go to to www southeastnatural com com com or or email me at at at rick@onthe- movefitnessfl com com All updates for the the the 2019 South- east Natural will be posted on Facebook and https:// www instagram com/otmfitness/ Also if you are looking for assistance with show preparation text Rick Pierre
at at at 407-489-5665 In the meantime and and as as always “work hard hard train harder and and stay natural ” n n n n n n n Daniel
Pena Classic Physique Open 1st Place Buttercup mayer
Figure Masters & Physique Open 1st Place Lacie Oakley Figure Open 1st Place NGA NATURALmag NGA NATURALmag 23

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