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Fall 2018
Next is to to complete a a a a a a a a a dietary review Most com- petitors usually have some idea of of what their daily consumption of of of o foods are are because they are are primar- ily in in in one of of o three stages off season and trying to put on on on on on lean body mass preparing for a a a a a a a a competition or or or recovering from one The dietary review provides an overview of of of the the average consumption of of of calories along with the the percentages of of of of protein carbohydrate and and fat The nutrient status of of trace vitamins and and minerals comes from the extensive blood work LaSTLy UNDERGO a a a BODy FaT TEST
Lastly undergo a a a a a body fat test done with a a a a a a a skin fold caliper although there are a a a a a a variety of other effective means Throughout the the preparation it is is important to be consistent by using the same source in in order to establish consistency At some stages there is is is a a a a greater concern for skin fold measurements than the actual composition result DURaTION OF THE PREP
I I have have experienced short and and long long preps preps and and have have found long long term preps preps to be more successful espe- cially as a a a a a natural competi- tor Another key ingredi- ent in in fin in in defining the the the dura- tion tion is the the starting body composition If a a a a a person carries a a a a a significant excess of o body fat in the off season a a a a a long slow prep is best In the past a a a a a a a a a a 12% off season season would be be my highest body fat percentage and as as as a a a a a a a a a a a a result twenty weeks would be sufficient to maintain balance throughout the the prep There are credible sources
in in the the industry that recommend a a a a a loss of of 5-1% per week which is is a a a a a a helpful guide One example of of how this would would work would would be if an an individual weighs 215 at at at 12% body fat and projects to compete at at at 5% the the projected contest weight would be 199 pro- vided that there there is is is no no loss in lean body mass which is is is unlikely but not impossible especially if there there is is is a a a a a a a a lean mass gain during certain stages of of the the the prep With a a a a a a a a weight loss loss projection of of 16 lbs to lose the the recommendation would be 5% loss loss per week week over the the course of 16 weeks weeks Adding an additional four weeks weeks weeks would assist in in in in in in in achieving readiness for the the contest in in in in in in fin two two weeks weeks weeks weeks with a a a a a a a a a a gradual increase during the the the final weeks weeks weeks The additional two two weeks weeks weeks helps
to to ensure adjustment to to the the the the the plan during the the the the the first month Another example would be if there were
weeks weeks of preparation two to to to four weeks weeks to to to allow adjustment to to to the plan would be adequate with most of o the the weight com- ing off in in the the the first eight eight to ten weeks weeks and the the last eight weeks weeks being used
to to slow down the process to to minimize sacrificing lean tissue which is is hard to avoid as one becomes leaner THE maCRONUTRIENT BREakDOWN
Throughout the the entire prep the the fat intake ranges from 15-25% During this period the sources
con- sumed but are not limited to avocado avocado avocado avocado oil macadamia nuts almonds and naturally occurring protein sources
During this time the percentage of of fat calories are generally low in in in the the beginning of of the the prep primarily because the the the the carbohydrate percentage is at at its its highest The last month of the the the prep its its not uncommon to to find the the the fat percentage at at at 15% and if I choose to to to manipulate macronutrients based on on total daily expenditure it it will naturally fluctuate also CaRBOHyDRaTES
Carbohydrates amount for the the rest of the the calories NGA NATURALmag

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