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consumed after the protein and fat percentages are defined This can range from 55% to as as low as as 35% at different stages of the prep The sources consumed but are not limited to to include brown rice buckwheat quinoa oatmeal sweet potatoes strawberries blueberries green beans asparagus romaine lettuce spinach broccoli cauliflower and carrots NUmBER OF mEaLS PER Day
The meals per day varies from the the the start of the the the prep to the the final stage In
the the first 10-12 weeks six
meals are consumed daily
and in the the other six
to eight weeks meals are reduced to five and in fin the final three days before the event meals may
be increased to as as as many as as as 8
but in in smaller portions CaRDIO
Cardio activity can be completed anywhere from as as as much as as as one hour per day based on on two bouts to to as as as little as as as twenty to to thirty minutes per day Bodybuilders and phy- sique competitors should consider depending on on the diet more than cardio
for significant fat loss it is possible to achieve
30 minute bouts of low intensity cardio
and rotate with intervals once
every three days along
with a a a a a complete day day of rest would be ideal but not always possible So it may
be be best to define your eating plan and then
supplement it it it it with a a a a a a a a a a a minimum amount of cardio- vascular activity that that it it it it would take for for for the body
to make a a a a a a a a a a a a a a transformation The The formula that that I have used over the the years is is the the Karvonen Karvonen Method The The Karvonen Karvonen formula is is Target HR= ((Max HR- RHR) RHR) X % intensity) +RHR) For example the lower intensity intensity bout 60-70% heart heart rate rate range can be calculated as follows Male age 50 with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a resting heart heart rate rate (RHR) at at 65 beats per minute • Age predicted max heart rate would be: 220-50 = 170
• • 60% intensity intensity [(170 [(170 -65) -65) x
60] +65= +65= 128 bpm bpm • • 70% intensity intensity [(170-65) x
70] +65= +65= 139 bpm bpm In
such a a a a case I I would do do 30minutes of of cardio
within the the range of of 128-139bpm When doing the the higher intensity interval bouts one of the options that I have used is to sprint on on the sta- tionery bike for 20 seconds at at the range of 80-90% heart rate range recover to a a a a a rate of 50-60% for 60 60 seconds and repeat the bout Such a a a session would last for 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes warmup and and cool down The lowest and and longest bout that I would ever do is one hour at at 50-60% heart rate range PUTTING IT aLL TOGETHER
the the the hypothetical prep prep the the the competitor would start his prep prep at at 215 lbs and con- sume approximately 3800 calories per day with the previously suggested macro- nutrient breakdown train train six
days days per per per week week (this is is my personal training routine) cardio
three days days per per per week week rotating two lows and one high intensity interval bouts (main- taining cardio
training training in in in in in in in in in in in the evening at least 7 hours or or or more in in in in in in in in in in in between strength training training bouts in in in in in the the morning) there are also times when I have If 34 NGA NATURALmag

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