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Fall 2018
(1-1 8
pounds) Chest and and biceps day day day day (Saturdays)
as as well as as shoulder and and triceps day day day day (Wednesdays) produced the smallest weight drops (0- 6 pounds) Non-training days days days (Mondays and/or Fridays) saw
an an an increase in in in in in in weight (up to 1-1 6 pounds) except
on Fridays which would remain unchanged (in the early stages stages of of prep) prep) or produce a a a a a a a a a a mild to moderate drop (in the later stages stages of of prep) prep) High carbohy- drate refeed days produced a a a a a a a a a a a higher weight gain
on on on quad day day day day day (Sunday) or or Monday (despite it it being
a a a a a a a a a a a a a training training or or non-training day) day) However when a a a a a a a a a a a a a high carb cay was implemented on on other days it it usually made little difference in in in the the weight trends mentioned earlier earlier in in in this section After sleeping i if wake-up time was earlier earlier than normal the weight drop drop would would be minimal or or or not drop drop at at all A later wake-up time (getting more sleep) would would produce a a a a a a a higher weight drop if it was at the the end of the the week but this would have no effect on on Mondays The days days HIIT was included bodyweight drops were a a a a a a a a a a little more than the typical weight weight gain
days days days (Mondays and Tuesdays) Surprisingly if i quad day day day day day occurred
on Sunday a a a a a a a a a significant gain
which could be more than 2 pounds CONCLUSIONS
With the the the exception of quad workout days when the the the larger muscles were worked the the the biggest weight weight losses occurred
Conversely when smaller muscle groups were worked out weight weight drops decreased Carbohydrate intake is is a a a a a a a a a a factor when making gains but it is is always best to to follow your body’s trend of gaining or losing weight weight until you you achieve carb deficit HIIT does assist in in in in in weight weight weight reduction when used with regular weight weight training as well obtaining adequate amounts of sleep per night Non-training days also aid recovery but will increase weight unless it occurs at at the the the the end of the the the the week or or further into the the the the the contest preparation Also important to to note was was that there was was no no difference in in in bodyweight fluctuations or trends found train- ing 5 days days versus 6 days days a a a a a a a a week If meals were not consumed at their regular scheduled times weight gain/loss was positively affected WEIGHT INCREaSES
For every week there was an an increase in in body- weight weight which typically occurred
on on Monday and Tuesday It was difficult to discover why weight weight gain
increased on on Monday because it followed the most grueling of all workouts which was Sundays when when quads were trained Also even when when HIIT was added to to Sunday Monday’s dry weight would always increase to to as as as as as as much as as as as as as 2 pounds or or or more One theory on on why this was was was occurring was was was because there was was was less activity on on on the the the the weekends versus the the the the work week week week although those those training sessions were typically longer than those those during the the the week week Also important to note was that the the daily routine (bed/wake-up times eating schedule etc ) did not not change dramatically on on the the weekends which made it difficult to to conclude why the the the body was fight-
ing to to hold weight weight After a a a a a careful review of the the the dry weight weight chart a a a a a a a a common theme emerged On Monday constipation was noted noted and sometimes noted noted on on on on on on on Tuesday as as as well The only explanation for this phenomenon was that that the quad workouts were so so intense that that it caused caused constipation (up to 2 days at at at at at times) which also caused caused negative bodyweight fluctuations FINaL THOUGHTS
It is is easy to to allow the the the the numbers on on the the the the scale to to disrupt the the the the the thoughts on on whether or or not progress is is is being
made so it is is is important to to trust the the the the pro- cess stick to to the the game plan and and train smarter not harder I am am appreciative and and thankful for my diet coach Shelli Jones of Evolution Fitness during this 4- year journey because she helped me to achieve my goals! n n Day WEIGHT Sunday 191 50
Monday 193 00
Tuesday 194 00
Wednesday 192 192 50
Thursday 192 192 00
Friday 190 190 50
Saturday 190 190 00
Quads & Calves
Non-Training Day (As if feeling itch to train Back & & Abdominals
Shoulders Triceps & & & Abdominals
Hamstrings Glutes & & Calves
Non-Training Day (Abs if feeling itch to train)
Chest Biceps Forearm & Abdominals

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