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Fall 2018
Natural Championships
NGa Promoters: Joseph Bolton Chad adamovich and Joe manning
www p4pmuscle com joe@p4pmuscle com Left: Physique Open LW
L-R: Scott Scott Baerenwald Lee Kirkwood Matthew McClure Lucas Scott Scott Right: PRO BB Open L-R: Jerome Drakeford Chad Adamovich Meshack Ochieng Joe Manning Jay Johnson
of of the drawing was PRO Bodybuilding champion Meshack Ochieng Finally a a a a a a a a a a year of of free supplements was was provided by P4P Muscle to one randomly drawn amateur Overall winner
and and this year’s winner
was was Kris Cleven who became a a a a a a a a new NGA PRO Women’s Physique competitor All of this is is is is just the the the the beginning as the the the the next year will raise the the the the bar even even further and and is is is is destined to be be be even even bigger and and better The second production already in in the the works will push the the boundaries of what a a a a a a a a a bodybuilding competition should be The main goal is to to bring the “show” back to to a a a a a a a a a a bodybuild- ing
show show by creating a a a a a a a a a a professional and fun experi- ence that everyone will remember for a a a a a a a a a a long time to come so stay tuned and and follow us us on on on Facebook and and www Instagram com/p4pmuscle to to see updates as the the story of building the the next show show unfolds The 2019 show show date is October 5th and we graciously extend the invitation to to to to all future competitors to to to to join us us on on stage at at at at at our our next NGA Natural Bodybuilding show Registration can be completed at at at at at our our website: www p4pundefeated com com Unsolicited Testimonials
Coach: “Awesome! Best venue hands down that I’ve ever been at at at Absolutely a a a a a a a a great experience It was nice to to to feel like you were honored to to to have us there there rather than we we should be be lucky to to to be be there there ” Athlete: “It was so much fun and the best show I’ve competed at thus far ” Athlete: “This is is the most professional top notch classy show I’ve ever seen or participated in in can- not wait to be back in 2019 ” Attendee: “I did not compete but I I felt it it it was an an exciting exciting show for for both competitors and the audi- ence ence It made for for for an an exciting exciting night! Definitely a a a a a a unique experience for for a a a competition ” Attendee: “Mind blown!”
Attendee: “It was was fantastic very well organized and professional It It was was was great that the head judge gave an an an an explanation of of what was was occurring The finals were great and all the competitors seemed to to to to love love it it it I I I I came to to to to this show thinking I I I I wanted to to to to com- pete now I I I I really do such great energy I I I I loved it!”
Athlete: “The lighting and special effects/custom- ization were were beyond anything I have seen at at other shows The announcers and and and expediters were were were orga- nized and and and and ready and and and and the athlete areas were were were just right The judges were were fair and and and gave honest feedback After this experience P4P Undefeated will be my my priority show for my my future seasons You couldn’t pay me to to stop smiling because I had so so much fun and the energy was perfect!”
Show Photographer: “The energy created in part by the the production helps to to feed the the athletes on on stage which in in turn generates more energy Set the right atmosphere and it it all feeds off itself into a a a a a a a much more entertaining experience for everyone The promoters here did an excellent job ” n n n n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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