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Fall 2018
NGA PRO/AM P4P Undefeated Wisconsin Dells WI august 11 2018
Bikini Open Short
L-R: Emily Peterson Tierney Cushman Sabra Wilson (NGA PRO Card) Katie Kiss
The NGA NGA PRO/AM P4P Undefeated Natural Natural Championships
was a a a a a a a a a show unlike any other in in the Natural Bodybuilding world NGA Promoters Joseph Bolton Chad Adamovich and Joe Manning all set out to to change how how body- building shows are done while preserving the the integrity of the the the judging and competition The main goal was to raise the the the bar on on on stage experi- ence production quality entertainment for the the crowd and to host a a a a a a a a show on on on a a a a a a a a different level that that has never been seen before Based on on on the initial unsolicited testimonials that that have rolled in in over the last couple of weeks it it it is is is safe to say that this goal was accomplished This event was was unique in a a a a a a few important ways First the the level of o production production was was off the the charts Showcore a a a a a a a a a Super Bowl LII production production partner was was on on on site to manage the stage design and lighting They created an an an an absolutely beautiful presentation and atmosphere for our athletes which made them feel like absolute rock stars during the the the the evening show when they took to to the the the the stage The smoke machines movers light light bars and specialized lighting set the the the the the tone for the the the the energy during the the the the finals to to be on on on a a a a a a a level like none other The sound and music were man- aged live on on stage by DJ Marco who did an an an an amazing job Finals kicked off with a a a a a a a a a a a a a high energy dance per- formance by Rian Alexander o of of Team 2 0 which got the the crowd energized for for all of of our athletes From that moment on the the energy never died down During
the final intermission one of our sponsors Perfect Fit Gear ran an an amazing high energy energy fashion show to keep the the energy energy up during the the break We received several comments from coaches and athletes that this was was the the the first show they had ever ever been to where nobody left and the the the the the crowd was was was still full of energy all the the the way down down to to the the the last posedown The stage was was designed with with two catwalks that allowed athletes to to intermingle with with the crowd during finals’ routines and T-walks There were numerous benefits for the the athletes that extended beyond the the the stage Workout Wisconsin Network was in in the the house to to film live green screen interviews for every competitor free of charge and to to to to be be used as they wanted Strobel Entertainment also took two green screen photos of all athletes and provided free clean edited pictures The NGA PRO champions qualified for King of of of the the the Hill Hill and queen of of of the the the the Hill Hill $500 on on on on top of of of prize money bonus i if they are able to to successfully defend their title in 2019 Additionally the the the the NGA PRO athletes were offered the the the the opportunity to have their picture on on P4P Muscle product labels over the the the the the course of the the the the the next year with Misti Weatherford the the the the NGA PRO Bikini champion appearing on on on product labels starting this fall Also two NGA PRO champions were entered into a a a a a a a a a a draw- ing
for a a a a a a Free Free Ride Ride Sponsorship Sponsorship to to next year’s event This Free Free Ride Ride Sponsorship Sponsorship includes travel NGA PRO Card renewal entry fee fee drug test fee fee a a a a a a a a a a a one-night hotel stay and a a a a a a a a a a a a photography package all free of charge from P4P Muscle LLC This year’s winner

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