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Winter 2019
NGA Texas Punisher Bodybuilding Classic & Fit expo
Mt Pleasant TX august 18 18 2018
The 2018
NGA Texas Texas Punisher was held in in Mount Pleasant Texas at the beautiful Civic Center for the 3rd year since its 2016
debut This phenomenal location is is known for hosting events such as 5K marathons powerlifting Zumba and martial arts so
the the natural crowning of the the day would be none other than an an NGA natural bodybuild- ing show Athletes from across the country came to compete and display their best phy- siques This event set a a a national record for the NGA bolstering a whopping number of 16
total Classic Physique competitors which is very impressive for a a a newly added class Three NGA PRO Cards were given that night with three different Overall class winners In Men’s Bodybuilding Open and Classic Physique Mr Rainier Gonzalez cleaned up well winning both Open categories In Bikini and Figure Open Ms Victoria Phillips took the 1st place crown in both Open categories In the Men’s Physique Open Mr Teejay Shanks took the top spot in a a a very stacked class Highlighted with loads of glitz and glam the NGA Punisher has become a a premiere event for for the the NGA in the the south The date for for the 2019
Texas Punisher is is August 17 Sign up and see why we do everything bigger in in Texas! n NGa Promoters: David Hood & Brad Duncan
rawiron@outlook com hoodbarbell@gmail com L-R:
Brad Duncan
Victoria Phillips (wins 2 NGA PRO Cards: Bikini and Figure Open)
Cindy Fernandez David Hood Physique Open LW
Lonnie Dean Leonel Martinez Brad Duncan
Teejay Shanks (NGA PRO Card & Overall) Rainier Gonzalez Rene Tavares
BB Masters 40+
Brody Shanklin Brad Duncan
Rainier Gonzalez Cindy Fernandez JC Harvey David Hood 12

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