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Winter 2019
NGA NGA CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER NGA NGA PRO FIGURE OPEN & MASTER WWW NGAEASTCOASTNATURAL COM TERRI WHITSEL@GMAIL COM and and Shervonne was no exception She She fell in in love with it it and and her her her strength increased progressively over time Shervonne attributes the passion that she she currently has with weightlifting as as as as being equal to to the the same passion she she she had the the many years prior when she she was going to to treatment for cerebral palsy The consistency discipline and persever- ance which she possessed from her her her childhood therapy came back to her her her her again but this time it was in in in in the the the the the gym lifting weights And from there she made the the the the decision to compete with the the the the NGA in in in Women’s Physique Shervonne attributes the success of her her first show in 2018 to to to Tanya Tanya Wells-Lewis Tanya Tanya encour- aged her her to to to to compete and advised her her to to to to focus solely on on on the the the 5 judges when she walked onto the the the stage for the the the the the first time Tanya told Shervonne that that the the the the judges were the the the the only thing that that that mattered and and she she took the the the the advice and and and did exactly that that Now she she has the the “bug” and and admits to to becoming a a a a a a a a little obsessed with competing Shervonne’s training is different because she has cerebral palsy and and and must modify lower body movements and and and this presents a a a a a a a a challenge and and and a a a a a a a hurdle to to overcome One such example is is that although she she can do do squats she she is is not able to to to do do lunges and generally has to to train lighter for legs She also notes that the left side of of her her her body is tighter than her her her right Additionally one of of her her her feet does not flatten when it it touches the floor so every exercise is is is carefully modified Shervonne is is is able to perform the leg leg press movement but but with assistance because her left leg leg is is always bent but but she she pushes through and does whatever it takes According to Shervonne her her her trainer (who is is is also disabled) tells her her her that “all movement movement is is is is good movement” and she carries this message with her her her into the gym every session Shervonne loves see- ing ing ing constant improvement with her her her training and this inspires her her to continue competing as she gets better with every show Shervonne’s family also supports her her her fitness journey and share the the pride they have of her her her her her accomplishments When her her her son saw her her her for the the the first time on on on stage in in in that tiny little suit he he he he he almost dropped his drink! In addition to competitive bodybuilding Shervonne adds hiking and and com- petitive rowing to her her her fitness arsenal and and contin- ues living
her her life without limits n n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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