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Training Data Matters for Growth Part 2 BY CHAD ADAMOVICH CSCS
WWW P4PMUSCLE COM MOFIGHTER19@HOTMAIL COM In the the the the the the the the Fall Issue (Part 1 of this this segment) I I I gave the the the the the the the the science behind why bodybuilders need to plan their their training as as seriously as as their their nutrition nutrition Most track nutrition nutrition with precision and have a a a a a a plan with the the data but this is is not typically seen on the the training side With most bodybuild-
ers there is very little actual planning in in place besides the the days on which specific body parts are are trained If you have not read Part 1 of this segment please do so so because there are are some items which are important to to understand before diving into the application In this issue how to to apply the new knowledge presented in Part 1 will be discussed as as well as as how to to generate a a a a a a starting point in in in in in programing in in in in in order to see progress What any bodybuilder wants to to do is to to be able to to to maximize hypertrophic response with proper application of of volume and exertion This is is is done by use of of of training training periodization Periodization is is is the “big picture” concept of of of training training training that encompasses the the the different types of of of the the the training training training processes into specific phases phases Within these phases phases of of training training you you you will need to to to manipulate your your load reps and/or sets which equates to to to to your your total volume These are needed to to to stimulate the adaptation desired within
that particular phase primarily focusing on on hyper- trophy and strength for bodybuilders Within the the periodization there must be progres- sive overload When you don’t properly periodize training with progressive overload overload it it it is is very com- mon to hit plateaus Progressive overload overload is is intel- ligently increasing stress stress on on the the the body body body overtime If stress stress is not increased to to the the the body body body the the the body body body will have no no reason to to to change Progressive overload is how we tell the body to to improve in in a a a a a a a a a a safe and effective manner As stated in in in my previous article you can’t just throw in in in in an an an an overload of extra volume volume and expect to to maintain a a a a a a a a a a high volume volume for extended periods of time because doing so will lead to to diminishing returns decreased performance and increase the likelihood of injury Below I will describe the different ways to start looking at your training more seriously through

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