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Winter 2019
Lexington KY September 29 2018
L-R: Ron Page Bob Goff Habideen Olaniran Jay Johnson Ray Clark Mike Finkenbinder
This show brought in a a a a a a a a a very impressive class class class of NGA PRO Bodybuilders In this class there were were six PRO BB Open
and they were were all
prepared! The class was represented by Ron Page Bob Goff Mike Finkenbinder
Ray Clark Habideen Olaniran and Jay Jay Johnson with Jay Jay taking the 1st place position The The NGA PRO Figure Open
class class was also well represented! The The class class included Ingrid Isaacs Phyllis Hutchinson Wendy Doran and Deb Deb Withers with Deb taking the top spot In the very well stacked NGA PRO Men’s Phy- sique Open
class Jontai McQueen Joshua Hair Tyrone Burroughs and Cedric Cedric Miller battled it it out with Cedric Cedric proving himself to to be the victor The NGA PRO Bikini Open
class class did not have as as as as many competitors as as as as the the other classes but Ashley Srb showed herself to to to to be an an amazing competitor competitor competitor Although she she was the the sole competitor competitor in in in her her her class she she she showed the the audience with her her her outstanding body that she she was on top of her her game!
PRO Figure Open
L-R: Phyllis Hutchinson Deb Withers Wendy Doran Ingrid Isaacs In the the NGA PRO Men’s Bodybuilding Masters cat- egory there were a a a a a a a number of o great competitors Ron Page Johnny Spears Matthew Serd Bob Goff and Ray Ray Clark Clark represented this class well but it was Ray Ray Clark Clark taking 1st place The NGA PRO Figure Masters class had 3 compet- itors Phyllis Hutchinson Ingrid Isaacs and Wendy Doran Doran who represented this class well but it it was Wendy Doran Doran winning the top spot The NGA PRO Men’s Physique Masters was the next class class up In this class class Bob Goff Joshua Hair and Christopher Christopher Graves Graves showed all
o of their hard work but it was Christopher Christopher Graves Graves who took 1st place Next were were were the the the amateur classes classes In this show there were were were two Junior Junior Junior classes classes which were were were the the the the Men’s Physique Physique Junior Junior Junior Junior and and Bikini Junior Junior Junior Junior In the the the Physique Physique Junior Junior Junior Junior class class Jeremiah Taylor placed 1st place place and and Morgan McVey won the Bikini Junior Junior class class In the the Bodybuilding Open
Lightweight class Christopher Graves placed 1st while in in the the the the Middle- weight weight class class Robert Young took took the the the top top spot In the the the Light Heavyweight class class Stuart Weasner took took 1st 30 NGA NATURALmag
The NGA PRo/AM Bluegrass 

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