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Winter 2019
“I Am The Purple Warrior!”
My name is is Tamra Antenucci and I I am am am 37 years old I suffer from uncontrolled epilepsy a a rare autoimmune disease migraines depression severe anxiety and I also have damage to the left side nerves in in in my body which makes talking writing and many other tasks difficult at times I’ve had several surgeries procedures injections been serviced by various pro- grams that focus on on mental functioning and have also been placed on on several different types of medications I I have seizures (not as as many as as I I would without meds) but enough to affect my life in a a a a a bad way I am gener- ally hurting and and feeling weak most days and and I’m always exhausted and have to to put forward a a a a a lot of effort to to make it through each day The worst part of my physi- cal illness is that I have had to give up on my dreams The The one thing I I have that has has kept me me feeling as as as as strong as as as as I I I can is the NGA NGA The The NGA NGA has has given me me rea- son for staying my healthiest even when I’m not feeling it I I I I I couldn’t imagine how much worse I I I I I would feel feel if I I I I I I didn’t eat clean all the time and and work out when I I I I I I am able able to to to to I I I I I may not be be able able to to to to do as as as much as as as I I I I I want and and that has been hard to to to to come to to to to terms with but I I I I have NOT given up on life! On most days I I I am am in in in bed until
11 in in in the the morning and am am lethargic but I I I I try my hard- est to to do what I I I can I I I won’t lie there are lots of tears anxiety pain and and seizures which get to to me most days and and that I find overwhelming I am glad to have been involved with a a a a a a a great group of people people in in the NGA that that motivate me me me These people people don’t care that that that that sometimes I I I have to to wear sunglasses
to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a workout or or or that that that that I I I I can’t do do do as as much or or or that that that that I I I I cry sometimes all they care about is that that that that I I I I try and do do do my best I I have a a a a a a a a a a a a great group of doctors that that know how important it fit is is to to to to me me to to to to be be healthy and and fit Dr Boyer and and and my my therapist Ryan Stivers have taught me me me to to to to know my my limits and and by doing this it it inspires me me to to help
others who share my condition by giving them the the the insight that I have and and why even a a a a a a a a a a a little bit of physical activity and and and healthy eating is is beneficial I I I wish I I I could could do more and and and dream all the the time about the the the days I I I could could feel great and and become an an an NGA PRO but the the reality is that that we we have to accept what we we are given and remember that that not giv- ing up up makes us a a a a a a a a a a a a winner! I’m Tamra the purple warrior and and I I will never give up! A A A special thanks to John Abraham and and and Jonathon Aggen for for being great friends NGA promoters and and and for for keeping people like me motivated and and wanting to live by never giving up! n n n 32 NGA NATURALmag

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