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Winter 2019
Promoter: Jonathon W Aggen www nganpc com
Bikini Open ‘C’ jon@midwestinsurance co L-R: Michelle Jones Carol Milkin Stephanie Hughes Samantha Powers Megan Guidos
Figure Open Short
L-R: Violet Holmes Suzy Russo Marye Snyder Robyn Scott Jamie Hastings
Marye Murphy-Snyder won her her NGA PRO Card by beating out 4 other women in in in in in the the the Bikini Bikini Open Open “A” while Larissa Klemm won hers in in in in in the the the the Bikini Bikini Open Open “B” Stephanie Hughes took the the top spot and and an an an an NGA PRO Card by by winning Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open “C” and and swept the the Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open by by taking the the Overall! Bikini Bikini Bikini Masters 35+ was was stacked with 9
ladies but it it was was Marye Murphy-Snyder who once again stole the the division along with the the Master’s 50+ class by beat- ing out Carol Milkins! Marye’s success didn’t stop there as she crossed over and and won the the the Figure Open Short
with an an an an NGA PRO qualifying win and and the the the Figure Master’s 35+ class by overtaking Stephanie Griffin!
Special thanks is extended to Ryan Harness and Shane Hudson co-owners of Blue Shield Nutri- tion who was the the flagship sponsor for the the show Also Blue Shield donated thousands of dollars in their STAMINA Intra-Workout and and REM Sleep Aid (full-size containers not sample) products All
1st place place and 2nd place place contestants received one PRO BB Open L-R: Dr Kent Julius Daniel Kennedy Jay Johnson Dan Dan Serota Miguel DeDios
of of o each of of o these products Blue Shield founded by law enforcement officers in in Las Vegas that has since moved to to to San Antonio is a a a a a a a a a a a company that gives back to to to fellow officers and supports all first-responders This year’s venue lighting and sound were daz- zling a a a a a a a much needed upgrade from 2017 A special thanks is is given to UniqueVision Productions Studio (Willie Little III – Owner) for filming Hollywood- grade trailer videos and burning Blu-Ray High Defi- nition discs of the entire show Last but certainly not least special special thanks to our returning special special VIP guest Mario Canon! The date for for the the 2019
NGANPC is set for for October 19th with the the hopes of returning to to to ICC (a proven venue) and having even better lighting than 2018! Thank you to to to everyone who was in in any way connected and contributed to to to the the success of the the show show We look forward to to an an an even better show show this year! n NGA NATURALmag
35 Peoria Championships 

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