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Winter 2019
Peoria IL October 20 20 2018
Bikini Open ‘a’
L-R: Deanna Clark Julie Jacobs Marye Snyder Colleen Scofield Kim Smith Jasa Tegland
The The NGA NGA Natural Peoria Championships had a a fresh new venue for 2018
Illinois Central College Performing Arts Theatre was where
all of the action took place This year’s NGA PRO classes included PRO Mens BB Open and Masters in in addition to PRO PRO Figure and PRO PRO Bikini All
of the standard amateur classes also presented at at this spectacular event including Transformation Bikini Model and the signature class for this particular show the HALLOWEEN division The PRO Men’s Bodybuilding Open class had some returning familiar faces from 2017 Dan Serota and Jay Jay Johnson Johnson both returned this year with Jay Jay Johnson Johnson successfully defending his his title as the NGA PRO PRO Men’s Men’s Champion There were no initial plans to to offer a a a a a a a a a PRO PRO Men’s Men’s Masters class but due to to a a a a a a a a a special request by Brent Julius Julius and Dr Kent Julius Julius Bikini Open ‘B’
L-R: Izzy Jones Emina Pajazetovic Dawn Plotts Larissa Klemm Lee Vang
(brothers) the the the the class was opened up so that they could face-off in in a a a a a a a duel the the the the the likes o of which have not been seen in in this nor possibly any other show to date Darrell Jack took 1st place in Men’s Bodybuild- ing Open while Ryan Truong beat out 5 formidable opponents to to take the the top spot in in in Men’s Physique Open Dom Jordan made his amateur debut in in the the Men’s Physique Teen class with muscularity and posing that would put most men 5-10 years his senior to shame In the the Classic Physique Open class Brent Julius came in in at the the the 2nd spot to Ryan Truong with both men men earning their NGA PRO Card Also important to mention is is that that this will will be be the the last year that that an NGA PRO Card will will be be awarded for 2nd place finishes Matt LaGrotta won won not only the the Men’s Physique Open Lightweight but he he he he also won won the the Overall and claimed an an NGA PRO Card as well 34 NGA NATURALmag
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