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Asimple way to burn burn fat is going for the the tra- ditional “walk in the park” and you can burn approximately 100 calories while doing it There are 3500 calories in in one pound of fat If you were to walk three miles a a a a a a a a day day burning 100 calories calories per per mile mile (or 300 per per day) over the course of of a a a a a a a a year you would burn burn 109 500 calories calories (365
X 300) That’s equal to burning 31 pounds of of o fat (109 500 500 calories divided by 3500) off your body! Another way to to think about this is is if you you were to to eat the the the the same amount of of food during the the the the course of of of of a a a a a a a a a a a year and not walk you’d have the the the potential of of of of adding 31 pounds of of of FAT to to your body Now what do you you you think? Are you you you ready to to take a a a a hike?
The energy for aerobic exercise exercise comes mainly from FAT Aerobic exercise exercise exercise (prolonged continuous exercise) stimulates the production of enzymes that convert fat fat to to energy The more fat-burning enzymes you you you have the better you’re able to to to burn burn stored fat fat Aerobic exercise increases your ability to to mobilize or or or metabolize fatty acids acids Fatty acids acids from fat fat deposits or or a a a a a a a a a a a recent meal are carried by the blood to muscle cells Fat-burning enzymes enable your body to use fatty acids as fuel People who are out of shape and have few fat burning enzymes burn burn mostly carbohydrates (rather than fat) for fuel Fit people on the the the other hand burn burn fat fat fat readily and and and this is is is also true dur-
ing ing exercise exercise and and and rest The fat-burning benefits of aerobic aerobic exercise exercise happen around the clock so if you’re you’re aerobically fit you you you burn more body fat even when you’re you’re SLEEPING!
Over the the years I have developed a a a a a a a a treadmill program designed to help
others attain aerobic fitness and and have extensively tested fit it it on on on both males males and and and females Additionally I personally have have seen the benefits of this program and and have have gone from 25% to 2 2 9% body body fat fat (or essentially no body body fat) Several of my clients have also attained repeated similar results by using the program Remember walking is aerobic because it keeps the the the heart rate well below 80% of the the the maximum which is is the the the generally accepted level considered to be be aerobic exercise and can be be a a a a a a a a a a pure fat-burn- ing activity So my friends go take a a a a a a a a hike! n n n n n About the Author: Mike Hamill has twenty-six years of bodybuilding experience is a a a a a a a a a multiple Mr Utah and regional Masters Cham- pion with consistent top five finishes on on on on national and world levels Known as as “The Bodybuilding Poet” Mike has been published fin in in several international fitness publications You may sample his creative side at: www reverbnation com/mikehamill

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