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Winter 2019
Promoter: Rick Pierre NGA Florida Chairman www onthemovefitnessfl com rick@onthemovefitnessfl com PRO Bikini Open & Masters L-R: Sara Logie Kristi Phillips
In the the Transformation category which is is a a a a a a a very special division that that highlights the the the significant strides that that people make to to obtain their fitness goals this year all of of the the participants lost a a a a a a a a a a total of of of over 600 pounds which is is is incredible! CON- GRATULATIONS to all of of the participants in in in this category and thank you for competing at at The NGA PRO/AM Central Florida Fall Classic where you’re not just a a a a a a number We look forward to to to see- ing you you you October 26 2019
to to to defend your titles A huge thank you to all of the judges including head judge judge Christine Keefer George Louis Jean Ladarius Saunders Heavenly Figueroa and Keven Cui Thank you to the show’s expediters: Anissa Rogers and and and Antwan trophy presenters: Ariel King and and and Haydeliz Vasquez and and and a a a a a a a a a special thanks to the Bikini Masters 30+ L-R: Haryanti Sundari Jenny Castillo Virginia Hatch Hana Garcia Jenya Kapul MC who filled in in at the the last minute Liza Woods Last but not least look out out for the the the NGA Southeast Natural Championship on on on June 8th at at Lake Brantley High School in in in Altamonte Springs FL Come on on in in in and and and show your your fun side to your your family friends and and and the audience and and and LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!!!!
You can sign up now at: www southeastnatu- ral com com or or email: rick@onthemovefitnessfl com com Keep up up with all updates for the the the 2019
Southeast Natural on Facebook or or or Instagram @otmfitness Also if you are looking for assistance with show preparation text Rick Pierre at at 407-489-5665 In the meantime and and as always “work hard hard train harder and and stay natural ” n n n n n Bikini Open L-R: Jacqueline Lopez Cruz and Virginia Hatch NGA NATURALmag
Florida Fall Classic 

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