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Winter 2019
Philadelphia Pa July 14 2018
Best Poser
Alex Puhalla
NGa Mr World’s Gym Philly Natural
Eduardo Teixera and his proud wife
The audience was on their feet! At least thirty-five people rushed the stage when the top three winners jumped off stage to to do do a a pose down at the the end of the the show Only
the the judges table separated the the frenzied crowd from these three chiseled bodybuilders As the the judges marked their final ballot to to give to to emcee Earl “The Pearl” Snyder the the roar of the the crowd was deafening It had all come down to the best best of the the best best There was the the BB Open Light- weight winner Joseph Drum who had also won the NGA Natural
Philly Lightweight Open class squeezing out his favorite poses for the excited crowd Next to him was Walter Copeland II for a a a a 3rd time as the Heavyweight winner gunning for the title Walter who owns WC Fitness in Philly and is on on the radio weekly on on HEAT 100 with a a a BB Open L-R: Joseph Drum (LW winner) winner) Eduardo Teixera (MW and and Overall winner) winner) winner) Walter Copeland II (HW winner) winner) fitness program entitled YOUR YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR YOUR WEALTH wanted the the title badly Then there was the the young upstart Ed Teixera the the Middleweight winner who earlier in in in the the evening had won the the Novice Class and hails from one of the finest Bodybuilding Gyms in in all of Philly Greg Long’s Gym in Trevose They were ready to battle it out!
Would the the the judges give give it it to to one of the the the two very experienced bodybuilders or would they give give it it it to to the the the the the upstart? When the the the roar had died down it it was Eduardo Teixera trained by Greg Long who came out on on on on top and and won not only the show but also earned an an an NGA PRO card His beautiful wife
came on on on stage and and and and raised her husband’s hand in victory Shani Harvey was was the the the the winner winner of the the the the Figure Figure “A” divi- sion sion and Aliyah Emas was was was the the the the the winner winner in in in the the the the the Figure Figure Figure “B” division division but it was was Shani Harvey who won the the the the Figure Figure Figure Open Overall class and the the the Figure Figure Masters division division In Bikini Debut it was Kendra Kay who won the the top top stop
NGA 8th Annual Mr Philly Natural

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