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Winter 2020
NGA Tahoe Inter South Lake Tahoe Ca July 20 20 2019
The 2019
NGA NGA Tahoe Tahoe International Invi- tational showcase consisted of of profes- sional and and amateur competitors and and also highlighted the NGA Tahoe’s new divi- sion Team Team in in in Training The concept of Team Team in in in in Training promotes a a a teamwork mindset to to enhance the potentiality of competitors’ overall performance The NGA PRO athletes on on stage demonstrated a a a a a Team in in in Training routine all together They were introduced as Team PRO Tahoe Brad Duncan Joey
Cheadle Lorenzo Elder Blayne Steffen Myles Miller Alona Zarhikini and Gillian
Young displayed a a a a a a mixed array of manda- tory poses within their divisions pulling together a a a collaborated group routine with the the music from Queen “We are the the Champi- ons” This was a a a strong start to the evening finals This small but mighty amateur show consisted of 37 competitors on on stage Team in in in Training 20 NGA NATURALmag

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