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Winter 2020
national PRO/AM
NGa Promoter: Bing Saez
www bingfit com southtahoenatural@gmail com The evening show began with Robert Green 2-time Olympian winner singing the the national anthem with beautifully strong control and a a a a a a a a a a a graceful sound! He also was the the the head judge for this show and came all the the way from Wichita Kansas Thank you Robert!
We fortunately had multiple groups that competed in in in in the Team in in in in Training division These teams represented BodyByEdgar Broadstone Muscle Squad Team Team Motivator and Team Team Gym Love Duo These four teams ended the show with collaborating team team routines Every year athletes receive receive a a a a a a a a a a a a a a souvenir for participating participating in in in in in the show and this year’s participating participating athletes received an an an exclusive natural athlete athlete show tank All NGA PRO athletes introduced themselves to to the the the audience with a a a a a short video before coming out out to to do their evening routine or or or T-walk Lastly Tahoe and Nevada State royalty princesses from the the the Miss America pageant have been a a a a a a a a a a a a a a staple to the the the the NGA Tahoe show from the the the the beginning and add a a a a a a a a a classy royal feeling while awarding the the the win- ning athletes NGa PRO winners were:
Bodybuilding: 1st Lorenzo Elder 2nd Myles Miller and 3rd Blayne Steffen Classic Physique: 1st Lorenzo Elder 2nd Brad Duncan and 3rd Joey
Cheadle L-R: Alona Zaharkina Joey
Cheadle Lorenzo Elder Myles Miller Joe Daily
Bodybuilding - Open NGa PRO Card

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