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Winter 2020
NGA Tahoe International PRO/AM
Myles Miller
Classic Physique - Open NGa PRO Card
Rodel DeVera
& daughter Men’s Physique - Open NGa PRO Card
Physique: 1st Brad Duncan and 2nd Joey Cheadle
Bikini: 1st Alona Zarhikini and 2nd Gillian Young
amateur division winners were:
Open BB: Joe Daily took the top spot in this class as as as a a a a a a a a a seasoned NGA competitor who traveled all the way from Boise Idaho Classic Physique: Myles Miller
is a a a a recent NGA Open BB PRO Card
winner of Mr California 2019 who crossed over over to compete in in in the Classic Physique division division division (a crossover division division division in in in in which competitors must compete in in in another division division division in in in order to to to to enter) and took it it by storm Physique: Rodel DeVera
a a a a 1st 1st time competitor knocked it it out of the ballpark by winning his 1st 1st show and earning an an NGA PRO Card!
Keeping up with the DeVera’s isn’t easy as as Rodel’s wife Ernell is is an NGA PRO Bikini competi- tor as well Figure Masters: Heidi Hallenberger took 1st place while competing with her her daughter in in her her 1st NGA show Figure Open: Emilia Lopez 1st time competitor who also took part in in in in in in the the Team in in in in in in Training division representing BodyByEdgar won the the top prize in in in in in in this category Bikini Open: Roxana Moz 1st 1st time competitor and also hailing from BodyByEdgar won the 1st 1st place prize in in this class a a a a Little Bit Of Everything: Four year old daughter of Ernell and Rodel DeVera
winner in in in in Men’s Physique showed everyone what the future holds in in in in bodybuilding Thank you to to to all all that came out to to to support this drug-free event as as well as as to to to all all of the generous sponsors that made this this day happen! We could not have done this this without you all! This year will be even more epic! n n n Alona Zaharkina
PRO Bikini - Open Roxana Moz Bikini - Open Short NGa PRO Card
& Overall

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