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Winter 2020
NGA 4th Annual Texas Punisher Bodybuilding Classic & Fitness expo
Mt Pleasant TX NGa Promoters: David Hood & Brad Duncan
august 17 2019
The The 4th Annual NGA NGA Texas Texas Punisher came in in in in with a a a a roar on Saturday August 16 2019
As in in past years of exciting competition this
year was no disappointment The The NGA Texas Pun- isher has become the premier show for natural bodybuilding in in the the northeast Texas area and one might argue in all of Texas Every category was covered and showcased some seriously hard- working drug-free athletes Each year we add more more sponsors and and more more elaborate stage and and light designs We can’t wait to see what year five has to hold Taking the the top spot in in in in the the following categories and and earning NGA PRO Cards and and 1st place posi- tions were:
Men’s Bodybuilding Open: Toddrick Perry Men’s Physique Open: Tavon Russell Classic Physique Open: Michael Medina Figure Open: Fahmida Sheuly
Bikini Open: Rachel Osmond
Lastly Beth Medina took the the 1st place position in in in in the the Women’s Physique Open in in in in this
non-pro qualifying division Thank you to to to all who came out to to to participate and support this
event! We look forward to to to seeing you this
year! n n rawiron@outlook com hoodbarbell@gmail com 24 NGA NATURALmag
Beth Medina Physique - Open 1st Place

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