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Winter 2020
• Eventually things turn around and the goal
is is is achieved but it it is is is with mixed emotions of of joy and sorrow The most challenging part of of this journey was being strong enough to walk away from the people and things that that were holding me me back I had to learn very quickly that that if someone isn’t in your corner then you you you you just must let them go The people who truly care for you you you you want you you you you to to succeed! I I I also had to to sacrifice having a a a a a a a a a a social life in in in in in in the beginning when I I I knew I I I wasn’t mentally ready to to be be around food and drinks without losing control Not everyone understood this but I had to to do what was was was best for me me and that that wasn’t wasn’t easy Losing 50 pounds made me me realize that that it it wasn’t wasn’t just my my body I I was was was unhappy unhappy with with I I was was was unhappy unhappy with myself My body had become overweight because I I was insecure so I I ate to feel feel better about myself My body body had become a a a a a a a a reflection of those feel- ings and how how I I I was was treating my my my body body showed in in in my my my weight I I I I I was was was unhappy with myself I I I I I didn’t
like who who I I I I I I I was was was Actually I I I I I I I had had no sense of who who I I I I I I I was was was I I I I I realized I I I I I had had been living an an emotionless life and was was just going through the the motions of of what I I I thought I I I should be be I I I believed the the size of of my body was was was what was was was holding me back from bigger and better things when in in in in in in fact it was was was my mind holding me back Often we we we we we think that if we we we we we lose the the the weight weight we we we we we we will be happy but we we we we we we are forget- ting about all the the the the the other things that go with weight weight gain like the the the the development of of bad habits the the the the emotional baggage fear of of change and lowered self-esteem Weight loss is not just external It’s internal internal As you you work the the internal internal stuff stuff you you come to realize the the external stuff stuff doesn’t matter matter as much What truly matters is how how you you you feel about yourself and how how healthy you you you are Weight loss can be be a a a a a happy result – but it shouldn’t be be the main focus You should should always work on on your inner self self as as well As proud of of myself as as I I am am of of of my my my physical transformation I I am am prouder of of my my my mental and spiritual transfor- mation Losing weight can have a a a a a a a a a a a a a lot to do with gaining mental strength understanding and and self- acceptance Yes I I I am am 50 pounds lighter again but I I I am am still still me I I I still still struggle with negative thoughts
and and I I still sometimes dislike what I I see in the mirror but life life is is a a a a a a a a journey and and even though I I I I I am am not where I I I I want to be in life life I I I I am am faster stronger and and most importantly healthier I I I I have changed my my outlook on on on life and and I I am focused on on on being the best possible version of myself n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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