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Winter 2020
Lexington KY September 29 2019
Figure - Masters
L-R: Chasity Young Rachel Dowling Lindsey Stoner Amanda Kreitler Carolyn Paul
The The build-up for the the NGA PRO/AM Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships was unmatched! The The commitments received from the competi-
tors let me know that this was going to to be a a a a special show The week of September 28th was finally here Friday check-in had arrived and great energy was present! Finally the the competition day had arrived Great anticipation filled the the air! Each competitor competitor came to to to win The The look in in each competitors eyes exemplified confidence The The competition was a a a a a Super PRO- Qualifier offering Junior Novice Open Open Master Master and PRO Open & Master categories 36 NGA NATURALmag
Stu Dapper Classic Physique & & Bodybuilding - Open MW 2 NGa PRO Cards & & Overall At pre-judging class-by-class entered the the stage each competitor fought fiercely making their case as as to to why they should be crowned champion The judges had their work cut out in in deciding how each competitor would place At the the the the the opening of the the the the the evening show all competi-
tors entered the the the the the the stage together as Pat Mathewson wowed the the the the the the crowd with her her amazing rendition
of of the the the the the national anthem Guest poser Jimbo Col-
lins mesmerized the the the the crowd with one of of the the the the most creative posing routines ever performed as as he he he was accompanied on stage by Josh Harris who per- per- formed formed a a a a a a solo violin piece as Jimbo Collins per- per- formed formed his routine The NGA PRo/AM Bluegrass 

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