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Winter 2020
The NGA NGA PRO/AM Universe
& American Natu- ral Championships
has once again proven to to be the ultimate NGA top show After an exciting day of athlete registration the annual NGA Promoters Meeting was held at the host hotel Seventeen NGA Promoters including sev- eral remote from Washington State Ohio Ken- tucky and Pennsylvania joined our NGA Presi- dent dent and Vice President to discuss important issues that could affect the the future of the the NGA There was history in in in the making for this year’s NGA Universe
The The Founder and President Andrew Bostinto introduced the the newest inductee to to the the NGA NGA Hall of Fame This year’s recipient went to to to NGA NGA NGA Vice President Francine Bostinto She has has been working for for the the the NGA NGA NGA for for the the the past 27 years years and has has brought the the the NGA NGA to to a a a a a a a a a a a a new level since its inception 40 years years ago Read what she had to to say upon her acceptance of induction to to the NGa Hall Of Fame Francine & Andrew Bostinto Hall of Fame award

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