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Winter 2020
NGA PRO Universe
Michelle Buggs
PRO Figure - Open 1st Place
Lacie Oakey
PRO Bikini & Masters - Open 1st Place
Beth Medina
PRO Physique - Open 1st Place
Once again the the entire show was streamed live worldwide which is great for the the bodybuilding community because friends and family that were not able to to attend the the show could watch how how their athlete performed Athletes came to to compete from around the the globe including as as far away as as Italy South Korea and Portugal to to do battle in in in in this astounding event All of the the 2019 shows have led to to the the NGA PRO Universe
and what a a a a a a a finale it was The PRO Bikini Open and Master divisions were stacked Antionette Bagley was in in in in in her best condi- tion tion yet and and came in in in in 3rd and and in in in in the the the money in in in in the the the Master class Elizabeth Barney all the the the way from Pennsylvania took a a a a a a a a a a very well deserved 1st place
inthe Open class But it it was Lacie Oakey
and Whit- ney Spence who battled out the the the top top two placing in in in in both both divisions divisions Lacie rose to to to the the top top taking 1st place
in both both divisions divisions The PRO Figure Open class consisted of two very prepared ladies Michelle Buggs
brought her top physique from Michigan to to edge out Jessica Cruz Making its debut at the the NGA PRO PRO Universe
was the the the PRO PRO Women’s Physique Open class Teresa Bobo brought a a a a a a a a a a lot of muscle and and and came in at the the 3rd place
position Brandy Hollis took took 2nd place
and and and Beth Medina
took took a a a a a a a a a very well deserved 1st place
The PRO Men’s Physique Open division was stacked 48 NGA NATURALmag

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