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aesthetics The following is is what I did to accomplish this goal:
• Reduced protein consumption from 190 grams grams per per day day to less than 100 grams per per day day • Increased consumption of quality carbohydrates such as fruit vegetables legumes whole grains and increased carbohydrates from 240 grams to approximately 575 grams per day • Increased fiber consumption from 25-30 grams grams a a a a a a day day to 90-100 grams per day day • Discontinued use of non-regulated supplements such as creatine pre-workout powders and pro- tein powders because it it caused irregularities in in my bloodwork All protein consumed came from whole foods • Limited my supplements to a a a multivitamin and B12 • Kept a a a a a a a a daily food diary for accountability and referenced without adhering to set split of mac- ronutrients of protein carbohydrates and fats • Kept weight training split of push-pull legs 2 times a a a week varying rep ranges to improve strength and hypertrophy • Limited cardio to to a a a a a minimum of of of 1 hour of of of walking most days of the week to reduce stress and burn calories as as a a a a a a way to serve as as active recovery from weight training • Incorporated metabolic training (i e e e e e e e e e kettlebell swings and barbell complexes) within workouts to increase heart rate The Results
After switching from a a a a a meat-based diet to a a a a a plant- based diet I achieved the following results:
• Achieved a a a a slightly leaner physique with moderate weight loss of about five pounds • Eliminated the prescription Symbicort which I used to treat chronic asthma after physician
Spring-Summer 2022
consultation and this eliminated signs or symp- toms of asthma and resulted in a a a a a a normal breath- ing test • Sleep quality improved dramatically and I was able to discontinue use of the CPAP machine which was prescribed after being diagnosed with sleep apnea • Hair grew back thicker and faster requiring more frequent cuts but not hair that I had previously lost •Food cravings dissipated and and I began craving craving healthier foods like fruits and vegetables rather than sweets meats and dairy Ironically the sight of meat and dairy products began to make me me feel nauseous • Despite being exposed to high populations of people with COVID-19 I I never contracted the virus nor did I ever experience any symptoms With every diet there are lapses The difference now is is when I I feel I I have overindulged on food it is is not drastic Eating a a a a a plant-based diet even in in excess resulted in a a a much lower daily caloric consumption than would be even if you were binging on junk food Plant-based foods fill you up so when eating in in excess the the event is is minor in in comparison to any other diet There is a a a lot less guilt associated with overindulgence on whole based plant foods making it easier to get back on track towards a a a a a healthier diet The Takeaway
Fad diets may work in the short term but are are rarely sustainable in in the long term Whatever diet you chose to to follow it must be tailored to to the individual and needs to to be adhered to to for a a period of time in order to make it it a a a a a permanent life change Additionally you should always choose your health over aesthetics As a a a a a a a male in my 50’s on a a a a a a a meat-based diet I I can say I I never never looked better and never never considered what it was doing to my health However when I was on a a a whole food diet I I learned that I I can accomplish both better overall health and aesthetics Also carbs are not the enemy! Highly refined

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