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Spring-Summer 2022
processed carbs not only lack nutrients but they are harmful to your health Whole food plant-based carbs not only provide an an abundance of nutrients but there are also studies that show they reduce the the the risk of disease disease such as as as heart disease disease cancer and diabetes They are also high in fiber which is digested slowly keep you full longer control blood sugar and insulin and aid in digestion The Myth: You can’t build muscle and get strong on a a a plant-based diet!
We all grew up with the saying “wow he he is as strong as as as an ox” or or “she is as as as healthy as as as a a a a a a horse” Those animals eat plants as as well as as elephants goril- las bison rhinos and cows Do these animals look as as though they suffer from a protein deficiency?
Don’t be afraid to challenge information that you have been given as the absolute truth without test- ing it it to see if it it really is is is There is is is much misinforma- tion being spread throughout the media and even
reputable publications are influenced by industries and special interest groups I collect all the available information and make my own decisions about what enters my body even
if it goes against what the media and research says Always discuss any concerns with your own personal physician and schedule a a a a a yearly physical accompanied by a a a a a blood test to detect any deficiencies Also be concerned more about the quality of food that you eat rather than the the quantity And keep in mind that highly processed foods are a a a a danger to your health despite the type of diet that you you are on Final Thought
If you you you eat well well - - you you you will sleep sleep well well - - if you you you sleep sleep well well well - - - you you you will will train train well well well - - - if you you you train train well well well - - - you you you will will look and feel well n n 18 NGA NATURALmag

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