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Spring-Summer 2022
2021 The NGa Thunder Classic PRO/aM
Deland FL July 31 2021 Last year’s event was packed with amaz- ing athletes great sportsmanship and a a a a a positive uplifting spirit Everyone came out to to Deland High on July 31st to to compete for the the Thor Hammer All of the the awards were a a a a hit!!
The guys really loved the warrior helmets and the the women loved the the sashes and tiaras OMG! The fight with all the the division winners for the the Hammer was insane!
The judging was solid and led by Florida Chair- man Rick Pierre Ian Frierson was was our MC and was was on point! DJ UNEK picked just the right jams for this lively event! This was most definitely a a fun show!
The 40 athletes that came out to the show were an an amazing bunch and here are a a a a a a few quotes directly from them “Thank you for putting on a a a a great show each and and every time!” - Brandon Arcar
“Thank you SO MUCH Tracy! It was an an an honor and a a a a a privilege to be part of such a a a a a quality show!
I had such a a blast!” - Chloe Perez
“Thank you Tracy for putting together such a a a great show I love the amazing group of competi- tors you bring and I will participate again in in in the future!” - Keri Nass
“Thank you so much! It It was was amazing It It was was such an awesome experience You’ll see more of me me ” - Michael Daleo
“Thank you Tracy! I had a a a a a a great time yesterday
Promoter: Tracy Simonds
www ngathunderclassic com tracysimmonds7@gmail com and and had so much fun It was an an an amazing show and and you’re an an amazing promoter Thank you you so much for for everything you did for for me and all of us ath- letes!” - Nathan Mosbeck
“Thank you so much great great show great great people great vibes Definitely signing up for the next one ” - Phylipe Rodrigues
Thank you to to all that came out to to support the NGA Thunder Classic We look forward to seeing you all June 25 2022! n n NGA NATURALmag

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