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Spring-Summer 2022
2021 The 1st annual NGa West Coast Classic PRO/aM
Tampa FL September 18 2021 Promoter: Matt ammann
www ngagatorproductions com @ngagatorproductions @mattammann1
Arius Norris
PRO Physique - Open
Ariel Cleary
PRO Bikini Model - Open
L-R: Michele Ward Al Acevedo Matt Ammann Todd Elliot Kevin Dorsett Earl Snyder
Thank you to all those that helped make the 1st Annual NGA West Coast Classic PRO/AM an amazing show!
This show show was held at the beautiful Scottish Rite Masonic Center “I decided to do this show show show in Tampa because there aren’t any other NGA shows on on the the the the west coast and I wanted to to give athletes the the the the the opportunity to to to compete in their own backyard ” said Matt At this show and for the the first time NGA Gator Productions
offered PRO Bikini Model which was a a a a huge success and a a lot o of fun!
I am happy to to announce the the 2022
NGA NGA Amateur Extreme PRO/AM and and the the the 2022
NGA NGA Gator Classic PRO/ PRO/ AM AM have already taken place and and and you can find their articles on on pages 53 and and and 60 We look forward to to to more exciting NGA Gator Production shows and and hope to to to see you all there n n Photo Photo Credits: Jacoby Moore (Physique Photography)

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