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By the the time the the first cycle is completed you are just starting to to dial in in and get a a a a sign of response to to the current intensity and/or volume If a a a training cycle is built properly you shouldn’t need significant changes frequently If you think “muscle confusion” is a thing for growth you you you are are only confusing yourself If you you you are are a a a a a rookie you can get away with doing random things and and see results If you are advanced and and constantly/ randomly changing your programming you you are most likely spinning your wheels and really have no idea of volume or or a a a a plan in place Yes it is important to hit your muscles at at different angles but what we know based on the research is that intelligent volume progression (progressive overload) is is what is is needed This means that you should be doing similar move- ments more consistently with intelligent progression within the the current cycle From there you should see progression in volume the next time you go through the the cycle whether you are adjusting reps set volume loading frequency of muscle groups etc So when should you change? The real answer is it depends I know we we all want black and white answers but that’s not how human physiology works because each person is different Every athlete responds dif- ferently to different volume prescriptions and what allows one person to grow the most may be very different for someone else That’s why some some of those free gimmicky programs offered online are okay but not ideal because each body has different demands Depending on how your cycle is built plateaus of progression may be a a a a sign that it is time to make adjustments This doesn’t mean after one mesocycle if i you didn’t see significant progression it’s time to change The more more advanced you get the more more natural it it becomes to have growth mixed with plateaus If the plateaus last more than a a a a a couple of mesocycles then it may be time to consider some changes Before you you make any drastic changes you you will first want to investigate other variables that would affect your results like consistency recovery nutrition sleep etc RECOVERY
To some it it might sound like common sense but it’s not as as as easy as as as it sounds Ironically recovery is a a a a a a hard concept for a a a a lot of athletes to grasp Athletes want to constantly go and push hard but without proper recovery you you risk going backwards with your results Think of it this way if a a NASCAR driver never took the pitstop he he would eventually break down and lose the race Athletes are the same way we need to give our bodies time to recover so we can continue progress Training frequency de-stress deloads mobility work and so much more go into recovery One major factor that is is is is a a a a part of this process is is is is sleep This sounds easy right? Most of us love sleep and that’s when we are able to get it it Life certainly has its moments of stress and when this happens it is is usually getting much needed sleep sleep that takes
the hit Lack of sleep sleep will guarantee poor performance in in in your training especially when you you continue to not take your sleep seriously Poor sleep practices can lead to negative outcomes in the respiratory system cardiovascular and central nervous system system immune system system endo- crine and more Lack of sleep can drastically affect fat loss and muscle gain as well Sleep effects everyone differently however the research recommends that 7-8 hours hours of sleep is best for most people with 8 8 hours hours being the gold standard We typically see very signifi- cant changes occurring with 6 hours of sleep or less One bad sleep isn’t going to destroy you you but if you you continue this process and it it it becomes a a a habit it it it will A lot of variables can affect your growth process but based on the the bodybuilding community these are typically the things we see lost in in translation Add these two factors above to to your radar when it comes to maximizing your efforts Combining the information I proved in in this issue and the previous you you should be be well on your way to gaining better and more long-term results n n about the the author: Chad Adamovich is is Owner Owner of of of IRONSCIENCE and and Co-Owner of of of P4P Muscle He is is also the the Director of of of Training and and Development for specific clubs across the US He has spent over half a a a a a a a a decade with his pursuit of education in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition In addition he he holds the the credentials as as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Certified Strength and and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Chad has an an an unparalleled passion for the the research science and and application behind sports performance nutrition and and hypertrophy He has devoted the the majority of his life to helping athletes at at at the the youth collegiate and and pro level in in in numerous sports His experience is is vast and and has included being a a a a a a a a Director for Athletic Republic and and more To get additional free professional training advice follow on on on Instagram @ironscience_pro Contact Email: mofighter19@hotmail com NGA NATURALmag

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