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Spring-Summer 2022
Significant Mistakes
in Muscle Growth
Part 2 By: Nick Licameli
BY CHAD ADAMOvICH CSCS WWW P4PMUSCLE COM MOFIGHTER19@HOTMAIL COM The physique sport is about building your your best best pack- age age for the stage and beat your previous best In order to to do that you you need to to make sure you you are grow-
ing ing and have solid conditioning Oddly enough ath- letes make some significant mistakes in the growth phase just like they can in prep In the the last issue I I discussed a a a a couple of mistakes athletes make when it comes to maximizing growth If you have not read part 1 reference back to page 8 of the Spring/Summer 2021 Issue of the NGA Naturalmag Let’s get started! Here I cover two more common mis- takes
to take take note of that will help you you maximize your efforts PROGRESSIVE OVERLOaD
In the the last issue I I discussed the the importance of hav- ing ing a a a a a a a solid training plan rather than one that is random especially as you become more advanced There is also another area where significant mistakes are are made and this is is in in in switching up programming too frequently by starting an entirely new program too often without more time and consistency with the current one The problem with this is is that you are not actually giving the programming enough time to actually work for you 24 NGA NATURALmag

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