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Spring-Summer 2022
NGA PRO Universe
November 13 2021 Boca Raton FL
Chance Schwartz
PRO Bikini Model - Open 1st Place
Devon Atkins
PRO Classic Physique - Open 1st Place
Keith McIntosh
PRO Physique - Open 1st Place
The PRO PRO PRO Bikini Model Open division made its debut at the NGA PRO Universe
and it included two NGA top PROS Chance Schwartz
and Tivisay Briceno
to battle for the title But it it was Chance Schwartz
who would walk away with the 1st place win Chance pranced across the stage with elegance con- fidence and showmanship that displayed the epitome of what a a Bikini Model should possess The PRO Figure Open class consisted of seven beautiful and well-conditioned women The top three battled it it out with Toby Howard taking a a a a respectfully earned 3rd place and Kari Wynn taking a a a a a a close second But it was a a a well-deserved Tivisay Briceno
who would claim the the 1st place win in in both the the Figure Open and Master divisions Tivisay was also selected to be on on the the cover of of this issue of of the the NGA NATURALmag The PRO Women’s Physique and Bodybuilding divisions had one dynamite competitor - Perpetua Piechaczek
of California Perpetua displayed both great muscle size and separation along with a a a a a a routine

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