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Spring-Summer 2022
he he 2021 NGA PRO/AM Universe
and the NGA American Natural Championships
was a a a great success despite the hard hitting
effects of COVID-19 not only on on the bodybuild- ing industry but also throughout the entire world It was great to see everyone at at the 2021 championships especially due to the cancel- lation of the the 2020 show due to the the pandemic!
Once again there was history in in in the the making for the 2021 NGA Universe
Andrew Bostinto and I introduced the the newest inductee into the the NGA Hall of Fame This year’s recipient went to a a a very much deserved Earl “The Pearl” Snyder Be sure to read all about Earl and why he he was chosen as as the 2021 inductee into the NGA Hall of Fame on page 36 Francine Bostinto Bostinto Earl Snyder Andrew Bostinto Bostinto Hall of Fame award
Earl “The Pearl” Snyder NGA Promoter Relations 2x Mr Universe
- Spain & France 2x Pro World 2x Pro Master World NPC National Champ – 1st 3x Team Universe
Winner NPC USA Champ – 1st Competed all over over the World – over over 15 different countries

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