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Spring-Summer 2022
NGA PRO Universe
andrew & Francine Bostinto www nationalgym com nga@nationalgym com Mark Tilden
PRO Classic Physique - Masters 1st Place
Perpetua Piechaczek
PRO Physique & BB - Open 1st Place
Tivisay Briceno
PRO Figure - Open & Masters 1st Place
that exemplified her outgoing personality and she bedazzled the audience and put her name all over this division!
In the PRO Men’s Physique Open division six incred- ibly competitive men battled it it out Joseph Poteat from North Carolina came in in 3rd with his impressive physique while the well-conditioned Josh Miller from Kentucky would place 2nd in this contest But it was Keith McIntosh
of Florida who would have the full package and take home “The Gold ”
The PRO Classic Physique Open division consisted of two very prepared men Local Floridian Devon Atkins
brought his top physique to to edge out Stuart Weasner of of Indiana but it was Mark Tilden
of of Idaho who came conditioned to win the PRO Classic Physique Masters division Mark Tilden
would continue his victory and take the the 2nd place spot in in the the PRO Men’s Bodybuilding Masters division edging out Paul Hadler who came in 3rd place But it was Daron Monroe who would take home the title with his well-conditioned and symmetrical physique n NGA NATURALmag 29

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