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Spring-Summer 2022 Spring-Summer 2022 The 2021 NGA Hall Of Fame Inductee: Earl has been competing internationally for the USA since 1990 when he he started a a a lengthy career of of well-deserved recognition in the world of of body- building As a a a a a a natural competitor he was awarded the National Award for Best Sportsmanship From there he he went on to clinch countless renowned titles from all over the the world such as the the NGA CAN/AM Olympus Masters the World Bodybuild- ing Championships (3 times) the Mr Universe (2 times) the European Championships and a a a a 4-time
Team Universe Winner He has competed in in over 17 countries including England Virgin Islands China Canada Australia Poland Czech Republic Guam Japan Puerto Rico Guatemala Italy France Russia 38 NGA NATURALmag
Germany Austria Spain and of course the USA! Most importantly Earl has competed all over the world as a a a a a a a natural athlete Capitalizing on his suc- cess as as a a a a a a a natural bodybuilder he has had many corporate sponsors shot several commercials and even has his own posing DVD video Despite his many accolades and accomplish- ments Earl remains a a a very humble person He was born and raised in in a a a a a very small town in in Penn- sylvania where he he he emerged as the “hometown hero ” He has donated his time throughout the years towards motivational speaking and help- ing many children groups in in his community As 

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