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Spring-Summer 2022
Your Most anabolic Supplement (Part 1)
BY DR CHRISTOPH KLUEPPEL Most athletes who engage in in in in in in regular weight
training at higher levels work hard in in in the gym focus on the best possible training programs and and strategies pay attention to proper nutrition and and are always on the look-out for supplements that may be useful to enhance their their training endeavors their their muscle muscle strength and muscle muscle growth Unfortunately many of these weight-training enthusiasts fail to real- ize how vitally important sleep is is for protein synthesis muscle repair and and growth and and even for body-fat-loss Sleep
is one of of the most underrated aspects of of any training regimen virtually all all critical restorative func- tions in in the body occur mostly or only during sleep Not getting enough enough sleep and especially not enough enough quality sleep impacts muscle gains physical health and the immune system more than many can imagine Sleep
is a complex process Through the course of the night we tend to go through 5 cycles of sleep on average each of which normally takes 90 minutes to complete Each sleep cycle consists of four distinct phases phases with the first three phases phases being non-REM (non-rapid eye movement) stages followed by REM (rapid-eye movement) stage Every single sleep cycle fluctuates between the three non-REM stages and the REM REM stage stage every 90 minutes although these stages do not always proceed in in a a a a a a linear manner as the amount of time that is spent in in each individual sleep stage varies throughout the night Per eight
hours of sleep sleep and across all sleep sleep cycles an adult on average collectively spends approximately 2% - - - - 5 5 % % % of sleep time in the non-REM-1 stage 45% - - - - 60% of total sleep time in the non-REM-2 stage 13%
-25% or 1-2 hours in the non-REM-3 deep sleep stage and 20% - 25% in the REM stage 40 NGA NATURALmag

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