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Spring-Summer 2022 Spring-Summer 2022 The Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
NGA Promoter Relations 2x Mr Universe - Spain & France 2x Pro World 2x Pro Master World NPC National Champ – 1st 3x Team Universe Winner NPC USA Champ – 1st Competed all over over the World – over over 15 different countries a a a a a a single parent who has raised his daughter alone he he managed to maintain a a a a a a full-time career with the Department of Corrections all this while simulta- neously being a a a a personal trainer and competing across the world! To say this guy really knows how to juggle a a a a a family a a a a a career and going most of the months of every year on on a a bodybuilding diet is really saying something special!
Earl has has worn many hats in the NGA He has has competed in in in in many NGA shows including being on this very stage the NGA PRO Universe He has promoted many successful and large shows in Pennsylvania Earl is the NGA National Director of Promoter Relations He traveled throughout the United States to ensure that all NGA shows are adhering to the NGA Bylaws He created a a a a a means of scoring our judge’s scores Judges at every show are evaluated to ensure that their judging is up to par He He has been an an NGA NGA judge an an NGA NGA Head
Judge a a a scorer and an an MC After a well-deserved retirement he resides in his dream home in Margaritaville (Daytona Beach FL) with the love of his life Terri Bollinger-Whitsel He continues to train clients in in in Margaritaville as an NGA Certified Personal Trainer We welcome Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
into the NGa Hall of Fame! n n n NGA NATURALmag

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