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Spring-Summer 2022
Lexington KY april 9 2022
Classic Physique - Open
Overall Pose Down
L-R: Aaron Brooks
(NGA PRO Card) Cannan Crume
(NGA PRO Card & Overall)
L-R: Melissa Miller
Dillon Brelsford (BB Open
NGA PRO Card & Overall)
Josh Miller
Bikini - - Novice
L-R: Amber Crabtree Ashley Cosme (1st Place) Treenah Kight Brooke Broz Sarah Threatt
As a a a a a a a a a promoter I I I I was very excited to to to to get get the the the 2022
season started I I I knew that I I I had to to to to press forward to to to take the the show to to to new new heights after getting through COVID over the the past two years Fortunately we we were able to to go back to to to to our home venue at at Rupp Arena which would would allow me me to to to take the show show to to to a a a a a a a a a new new level I knew that this would would be a a a a a a special show show for eve- ryone This spectacular event was held on April 9th in Lexington Kentucky There were a whopping 11 NGA PRO Card recipients at this event The following is is a a a list of the winners in in each category:
Kelly Adams (Bikini - Open
“B” & Overall)
Ashley Cosme (Bikini - Masters)
Emily Orrender (Figure - Open)
Alisa Muncy (Figure - Masters)
Jaxon Moran (Physique - Open
Brendan Kelly (Physique - Open
Keenan Riordan (Physique - Open
& Overall)
Canaan Crume
(Classic Physique - Open
MW & Overall)
Aaron Brooks
(Classic Physique - Open
Dillon Brelsford (Bodybuilding - Open
MW & Overall Mark Cecil (Bodybuilding - Masters)
There were were a a a a total of 13 different states that were were represented in this contest which were Ohio Ken- tucky Indiana Illinois Georgia Alabama Michigan Missouri Tennessee South Carolina Virginia Arizona and Florida It wasn’t until I I I watched the pre-judging that I I I real- ized what an epic event this was The energy in the venue was powerful and fully charged! Every com- petitor came ready! As I reflected back on how this show began and has evolved since the first one that I I I promoted in in 2013 I I I recounted the many things that I I I have have learned as a a a a a a promoter The experiences I have have had 56 NGA NATURALmag

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