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Spring-Summer 2022
Promoters: Josh & Melissa Miller
www kentuckynaturalbodybuilding com josh@transformationpersonaltraining com Figure - - Open
L-R: Atia Anyadiegwu Alisa Muncy Emily Orrender (NGA PRO Card) Zachela Wiethorn Maria Servizi Lynda Schwein
Classic Physique - - Open
L-R: Justin Clements Timmy O’Keefe Aaron Brooks
(NGA PRO Card) Kyle Smith Austin Whitley Corey Benson
Physique - - Novice
L-R: Brady Johnson Jaye Olaniran Braxton Smith Drew Dutiel Brendan Kelly Jaxon Moran (1st Place) Ryan Kolb Michael Clark Daren Spartman
the the people I I have have met and the the friends I I have have gained suddenly made me realize how blessed honored and grateful I I am to to be able to to do what I I love The evening show started at 4pm and as always we opened with prayer followed by the the national anthem which was was performed by Marlana Vanhoose It was was such an an honor to have Marlana sing as as she has sung the the the national anthem all over the the the United States and opened for many NBA NFL and MLB games Marlana has a a a a a powerful voice and provided a a a a a performance unlike I have ever heard During the the evening show after all the the t-walks and routines guest poser Jimbo Collins and violinist Josh Harris gave us a a a a a a routine that was unmatched! Jimbo Collins is one of the most creative guest posers I have ever ever seen! He never disappoints Next was was the “Inspiration Award ” This year it was was difficult to to narrow down the recipient to to just one award so this year there were 3 co-recipients Greasy
Belcher was the 1st co-recipient who began compet- ing at 74 years of age and and was a a a a a a a a a Vietnam Veteran and and Purple Heart recipient recipient The 2nd co-recipient was Daren Spartman
who when interviewed told us that 3 years ago he he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer The doc- tors told him that he he only had 13 weeks to to to live but he he overcame the odds and is now a a a bodybuilder The 3rd recipient was Brady Brady Johnson Brady Brady had 2 strokes and was told by doctors that he would never walk or or talk again but he he overcome the odds and now works out every day and has no problem at all talking He is an an inspiration to all It was such an honor to promote this show! I I am truly blessed to to do do what I I love to to do do I I am very grateful to the NGA for for creating a a a a a a stage for for all natural body- builders and it is truly an an honor to be a a a a part of the NGA family n Photo Credits: Jim Burgett (Musclehead Graphics) Clinton Gross (Resurrected Media)7
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