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Spring-Summer 2023
NGa 6th annual Thunder DeLand FL June 25 2022
The The NGA NGA 6th Annual Thunder Classic
was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a huge success! Everyone had an an amazing time and we awarded almost a a a a a a dozen NGA PRO Cards to a a a a a a group of well-deserved athletes The The atmosphere at at at Deland High School was uplifting competitive and and the the audience was full of of enthusiasm for the the sport of of natural bodybuilding The athletes loved the swords trophies battle helmets and tiaras But the show down for the the the 15# Thor Hammer was the the the highlight of the the the evening Vanessa Reed is the first woman to take home the the the hammer as the the the Best Athlete of the the the competition Here are a a a a a a few things people had to say about this year’s show:
“The show was absolutely electric!”
- Chase Jefferys Coach and owner of New
Wave Physiques Bodybuilding Team
“Yesterday was hella fun at the NGA Thunder Classic
- Shannon Dixon Physique Competitor/
NGA PRO Card “Another Awesome Experience ”
- Griff Vittone Amateur Classic
Physique Competitor and PRO Bodybuilder Master “I had a a a a a a a great time time and an an an awesome experience
competing for the first time time Thank you ALL!”
- Robert Gonzalez Competitor “I had such a a a a a a a a a great time! I I learned so much and enjoyed seeing all the the athletes display their hard work ”
- Debra Bozeman Competitor and expeditor for the Thunder Classic
“Best experience
So So organized and and so much for for the the athletes So So grateful for for everything and and all the the crews!! Very well put on show ”
- Perlas Punos Bikini Competitor/
NGA PRO Card “Literally the most amazing and surreal experi- ence ever! Thank you you so much for for all all you you put in in for for us athletes!”
- Hannah Adams Bikini Competitor/
NGA PRO Card Thank you to everyone that participated and aided in this year’s event We could not run such a a a a a a a a a a a well- organized show without each and every one of you 22

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