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Spring-Summer 2023
NGa Promoter: Tracy Simonds tracysimonds@yahoo com www NGaThunderclassic com Figure - Masters 40+
L-R: Melissa Williams 4th Tracy Rife 3rd alanna Payne 2nd Vanessa Reed 1st (NGa PRO Card) Leslie Campbell 5th
Vanessa Reed The Thunder Thunder Classic
and what an an an event like this does for for our our our community We could not do do the the Thunder Thunder Classic
without your support For full show results please go to the the National Gym Association website located at at at at at at www nationalgym com/national-gym-past-contest-winners html Our NGA NGA 7th Annual Thunder Thunder Classic
will will be be held June 24 2023
I hope you you will will be be able to join us Check out our website www www NGAThunderClas- sic
com com for for more more details Visit www www TracySimonds com com if you you would like to know more more about Tracy Tracy Simonds Simonds the the promoter for for the the NGA Thunder Classic
n n Photos by: Lacey Oakey (Creating a a a a a Figure Photography)
Tracy Simonds with Vanessa Reed Thank you to to our our sponsors for for continuing to to believe in in in the vision of Hammer Winner (Best In Show) Figure - Open & Masters 40+
2 NGa PRO Cards Judge’s Panel
L-R: LaDarrius Sanders Christine Keefer Fulwood Rick Pierre Maggie Carbone Lana McCullough (Test Judge) Toby Howard Kristi Phillips
L: Cooper Chaney
Physique - Open HW NGa PRO Card & Overall
R: William Baldwin
Physique - Open LW 1st Place
L: Hannah adams
Bikini - Open “Short” NGa PRO Card R: Perlas Dang-awan
Bikini - - Open “Tall” Overall
Bikini - Masters 40+

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