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Spring-Summer 2023
Bodybuilding was supposed to be a a a a a a a a a healthy sport in which a a person would create their perfect physique physique and then showcase that physique physique in an an artistic form on stage In the 50’s anabolic steroids entered the sport of bodybuilding and soon became the norm If you wanted to compete in in bodybuilding the tools used to to create this physique were weight training cardio healthy eating water and steroids That is what we thought As the the sport grew so did the the athletes who got bigger bigger and bigger bigger Then we started finding out out about the side effects of taking steroids When the 70’s hit bodybuilding became chemical warfare amongst competitors Many bodybuilders were having complications with their health which even led some of them to death!
In 1979 a a a a a a a a couple of natural bodybuilding organi- zations were created which was the National Gym Association (NGA) founded by Andy Bostinto and the American Bodybuilding Coordinating Committee (ABCC) founded by Jack O’Bleness These two men are the the the reason why there is natural bodybuilding today! These men started these two organizations so so that they could clean up the the the sport of bodybuilding and help save lives by giving natural competitors the the the the opportunity to to to to get clean and healthy as as the the the sport was intended to to to be Back then natural bodybuilding bodybuilding to to to me was a a a a a a a form of bodybuilding bodybuilding rehab The shows were drug-tested by requiring competitors competitors to to to to submit to to to to a a a a a a polygraph test test or or or or urinalyses At first competitors competitors were required to to to have 5 years clean (drug-free) in in order to to to ensure that that the the competition was was natural so that that the the playing field was was was even and fair Many competitors that that decided that that steroids was was not the the the path for them stopped doing the the the the drugs and created a a a a a a a a a a a a healthier lifestyle Since then many more so-called natural organizations have come out of of the the the woodworks and this has watered down the the the sport of of natural bodybuild- ing! Some organizations drug test test the the the the athletes while others only only test test only only the the winners In 1993 I I I promoted the the first natural bodybuilding bodybuilding show in in in in the the Sacramento area I I I I LOVE bodybuilding bodybuilding bodybuilding it’s my my life and because I I I felt natural bodybuilding bodybuilding was a a a a a a a a a a a fantastic idea I I decided to to to put my my passion of bodybuilding to to to work by helping to to to educate the the youth youth on on the the the harmful side effects of steroids and other drugs! In my opinion educating our youth youth will help us create true natural competitors for the the the future Since there are untested shows why should we even have to to test? Anyone who chooses to to enhance their body with drugs or banned substances should just 24 NGA NATURALmag

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