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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 My Journey to the stage
Istood on stage
at the 2017 NGA “Old Navy” Pro/Am Classic with bright lights in in my my face and tears of joy in in in in my my eyes I I I had done it it I I I was was not a a a a a a a quitter I I I was was a a a a a a a winner a a a a a a a bikini pro champion Three years before I was a a a a four- teen-year old kid with no positive goals I I I had quit every sport I’d tried up to that point I I I I began smoking drinking and taking drugs I I didn’t believe in in in in myself Every criticism dragged me down I I I was depressed and I I I I hated the way that I I I I looked My every thought was dark I I I I craved the very very things that hurt me I I drank to deal with my anger At this point in in in my my life my my only goal was to to be intoxicated I I would wake up and smoke smoke I I I skipped every meal except lunch I I I smoked to deal with with hunger I I ended each night with with getting drunk My grades in in in school were plummeting and and I got more more and and more more out of shape I I could not even walk up a a a a a a a a small hill without panting and having to to stop I I I hit rock bottom the night I I I overdosed on pills I I I started having panic attacks after that every time I I took drugs or ate any food at at at at at all My throat would tighten and I I I I felt like I I I I I was was was was going to die I I I I I was was was was wasting away I I I I knew it was was was was unhealthy but I I I I did not want to to stop Things started to change when my father found out what I had had been up to My parents had had no idea what was was going on on They only knew I I was was was becoming more more and more more depressed I I was was on my way out the door one night to to to smoke when my father stopped me and asked to to to check my coat pockets I I freaked out and I I refused The The night ended with him finding the cigarettes The The next morning I I woke and discovered that I I I had been pulled out of school school and was was being homeschooled I I was was never to see my so called “friends” again and and I was bitter and and angry In my down time I I I I watched mov- ies I I I I know it sounds strange but I I I I was inspired by athletic women in in action movies I I began to research their fitness regimes and I I became interested in in in women’s bodybuilding I I asked my parents for a a a a a gym mem- bership and and told them I I wanted to to work out They were skeptical and and and did not expect much of me and and with good reason Up until that point I I quit every sport sport I I had had ever ever done done and boy had had I I done done a a a a lot of sports!
I I I started going to the gym and at first I I I was was quite self-conscious I I I was was afraid of the the other members and I I thought people would look down on me I I I was unsure of myself and I I I did not really know how to work out After a a a a a a month I I became comfortable with the gym and started to go every day I loved the the way working out made me me feel and how it was starting to make me me look During the summer I was working out very hard but incor- rectly I I eventually injured myself I I had been trying to lift as as heavy as as I I I could but I I I still ate very little and had no energy I I I went to the doctor with a a a a a back injury and he told me to to to not squat or or or deadlift for a a a a a a a few months I was crushed Those exercises had been my staples and I I thought I I would wither away to nothing Being injured made me realize I I had been neglecting a a a a a a a lot of other muscles and that I I was very underdeveloped I decided then to get a a a a coach to to help me Natural bodybuilding was the obvious choice I found an awesome coach with a a a a a a a great record of of professional bodybuilding He was excited to help me achieve and even transcend my goals I had only a a a a a a a vague idea of ever competing He told me I I would compete within a a a a a year! I I I couldn’t believe it it For the first time I I started a a a a a a structured
plan and began seeing results My diet diet also changed drastically I I ate a a a a a a a a a a a a a a clean and balanced diet diet I I I I found a a a a a a a a a a a sport I I I loved This time I I I was going to stick with it it My biggest frustration was hav- ing ing to do less! I I had been pushing so hard I I couldn’t believe how my coach wanted me to cut back on exercise I I I thought “How am I I I going to to get bigger if I I I do less?” But he challenged me to to change my 50 NGA NATURAL mag NGA NATURAL mag 

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