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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 The next thing I I knew I I was pump- ing ing up backstage and then my name was called The minute I stepped on stage
I I I felt felt at ease and and all my nervous- ness went away I I I felt felt amazing and and happy I I I came to terms with myself and decided that it it it was okay if I I I did not win I I I had won with myself The night show went smoothly I I enjoyed the the other competitors Everyone was supportive and friendly Some of the guys were funny One man rolled onto stage
with a a a hoverboard!
Then it it was time for for the the awards Standing before the the the the judges with all all the the the other beautiful women I really did not expect anything My competitors all all looked amazing I was happy just to to be a a a a a a a a a part of it it When they called fourth place I I realized I I I I had to to be in the the top three I I I I was jittery with excitement as as I I I I heard third place place called I I I thought second second place place place at my first show was was an an honor! Then second second place place was was was was called and and and it wasn’t me I was was was the only one left standing and and and that that meant that that I I had won I I could not believe it it Tears started to flow without my control It was the best moment for me me If you had told me at thirteen I I I would would win a a a a a a bodybuilding show I I I would would have laughed at at you But bodybuilding motivated me to succeed succeed in in every aspect of my life Once I I saw that I I could succeed succeed in in one area area it motivated me in in all other areas I I still have a a a a a a a a a a a long way to go but I I I I am am happy with myself and and where I I I am am am at at I’m grateful
to my my my family my my my coach and and my my my new friends at at the gym I don’t know know what will happen in my next competition but I I know know that I I can never go back Bodybuilding has changed my life for the better n n n n workout frequently to to to try new things and and to to to stick to to to healthy eating and and plenty of rest! My dad encouraged me to to listen to to my coach “He’s won lots of competi- tions Listen to him ” Grrr! One thing I I I can say for sure is is is that I I I was consistent I I I followed the plan day day after after day week week after after week week Competition prep was at hand faster than I I I imagined I I I started to lean out I I I got a a a a a a a a a a great posing coach to help prepare me for the stage
I practiced walking in in in five-inch nightmare shoes for the show I I also began to have second thoughts I I I was sure I I I would come in in last place However I I I realized that to be good at at anything you must overcome struggles and be be willing to to fail I I knew that I I no longer wanted to to be be a a a a quitter The night before my first show was was the hardest for for me Real-
ity sank in in I I was was was going on stage
before all those people people I I was was asking other people people to judge me Could I I handle the the the criticism this time? I I I fell asleep with the the image of myself walking on stage
I I I awoke oddly calm and and ready I I got up and and looked in in the the mirror For the the first time time in in a a a long time time I was happy Photos (L to to R): Zoey Zoey Zoey 2013 Age Age Age 14 Weight Weight Weight 130 | | Zoey Zoey Zoey 2015 Age Age Age 16 16 Weight Weight Weight 100 | | Zoey Zoey Zoey July 2016 Age Age Age 17 Weight Weight Weight 110

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