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Here’s what to do Lie comfortably on the the floor preferably with a a a a a a pillow under your your your head head to keep the the head head and neck in a a a a a a a a a a neutral position Rest your your your your arms at your your your your sides and prop your your your legs up on on a a a a a a a a a bench exercise exercise ball chair etc The main objective of this exercise exercise is is is is to create complete relaxation using body positioning and deep breathing Once you you assume the the position focus on on deep breathing Breathe in in in through your nose Hold the the the air in in in in for for 2-3 seconds seconds then slowly exhale for for 4-5 seconds seconds through pursed lips as if blowing out
a a a a a a a a a small candle Be sure to to to to breathe into your your dia- phragm so that your your your stomach protrudes up up toward the the ceiling Imagine filling up up your your your lower lower abdomen and and expanding your your lower lower back into the the the the floor Try to to to avoid letting the the the the the shoulders rise toward the the the the the ears With each inhale reduce the the the the the the arch of the the the the the the lower back and slightly flatten the the the the spine into the the the the floor by
allowing your your pelvis to to tip backward On the exhale sink deeper into into that pelvic tilt and imagine your your body melting into into the floor Don’t forget to to to relax your head and neck Image Image 1 shows shows the the deep inhale expanding the the the the the abdomen and and and lower back Image Image 2 shows shows the the the the the exhale and and the the the the the the “melting” into the the the the the the floor Notice how the the the the the creases on the the the the the shirt around the the the the the abdomen change from Image Image 1 to Image Image 2 Do this exercise for about 3-5 minutes or or as as long as as you feel it is is is is is is helping Keep in in in in mind that that this this exercise will will help help most but not all all The hope is is is is that that that it it will will reduce some of that that initial pain and allow you to comfortably seek a a a a a a a QUALIFIED HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER n For video demonstration please visit:
https://www youtube com/watch?v=XjTs-74iTWY
Dr Nicholas M Licameli PT PT DPT
believes in in giving himself to to others to to make the the world happier and healthier He gives people the the the power and and knowledge to to change their lives Bodybuilding and and physical therapy are a a a a a a a a a a means to to carry out
that cause His expertise of of sport exercise biomechanics and the practical application of of research combined with personal experience in in in bodybuilding and nutrition allows him to help people in in in truly unique ways Love Passion Respect Humility Never an expert Always a a a student Love your journey NGA NGA NGA AMATeUR sCHeDULe sCHeDULe sCHeDULe NGA NGA NGA PRo sCHeDULe sCHeDULe sCHeDULe NGA NGA NGA seMiNAR sCHeDULe sCHeDULe sCHeDULe NGA NATURAL mag 27

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