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Winter 2018
Window of Adaptation
BY CHAD ADAMOVICH CSCS CO-OWNER OF P4P MUSCLE WWW P4PMUSCLE COM MOFIGHTER19@HOTMAIL COM Most of of of of us know that that athletes can be be very driven to accomplish their goals while at at the the the same time they may have unrealistic expectations of of the the the kinds of of prog- ress that they they believe they they should make Knowing what is is realistic and achiev-
able within given timelines is necessary for the overall success of any athlete and not understanding this information and and accepting it can typically cause a a a a a a a a a a great amount of frustration and confusion Whether athletes like it or not the the laws of science apply to them One concept of of science is is the the Window of of Adaptation
Once an individual realis- tically understands this concept in in in the process towards achieving success increased self-worth is sure to follow 28 NGA NATURAL mag

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